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With the occurrence of each and every data breach, Canadian business leaders respond with the question “is my company’s information safe?”
For CIOs and CISOs protecting company data and the company’s business — staying abreast of threats, deploying best practices, and being prepared ­­— is a critical day-to-day concern. That’s why we launched this site, together with a flagship quarterly digital publication, Digital Security – your one-stop resource for timely, relevant, security news and insights you can rely on.

Digital Magazine

The Security Community for IT Leaders

Published bi-monthly and edited by Brian Jackson, this digital magazine presents current threats, case studies, best practices, and actionable advice to help security professionals ensure a ‘safe and trusted’ environment that fosters business. It’s all about providing you with one credible, trustworthy resource to help you protect your data.

Editorial direction is led by an Advisory Board – an esteemed group of security professionals with real-life experience safeguarding data and ensuring trust.

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Editorial Advisory Board

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Edward Kiledjian, CISO Bombardier Aerospace

Bobby Singh, CISO
TMX Group Limited

Fariba Anderson, Former CIO, MPAC & OLC

Owen Key, CSO
City of Calgary

Claudiu Popa, CEO
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for the Government of British Columbia
Gary Perkins, CISO
Government of BC

Videos and Podcasts

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Hear from subject matter experts and your colleagues through one-on-one interviews that delve into risks, best practices, lessons learned, and more.

Mafiaboy returns in new documentary with HP

If the 2016 US presidential election battle royale between tycoon Donald Trump and DC power player Hillary Clinton taught us anything — other than that American politics is the dirtiest game on the planet — it is that computer hacking remains an ever-present danger to all. The Democratic Party has...

Weekly Update – Top 5 tech stories of 2016

Interview: Amazon CTO Werner Vogels on cloud security

Security News

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Learn about the latest threats and solutions from security experts here.

email, spam

Spammers busiest mid-week and during business hours, says IBM

1 day ago
Alissa Johnson Xerox CISO

Interview: Xerox’s Alissa Johnson on how to avoid being ‘the CISO of No’

1 day ago
Hashtag Trending - podcast banner

Aug. 18, 2017 – Bitcoin surges to $5,000, subway scans for bombs

4 days ago
DDoS Attack Brick Wall

Canadian service provider Peer 1 adds web app DDoS protection

5 days ago
Magnifying glass on keyboard

How to track down the infrastructure supporting malware distribution

5 days ago


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Threats, exploits and the policies and technology to keep them in check

A weekly compilation of current security-based news from ITWC publications (,, Computing Canada, Computer Dealer News)



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Internet Security Threat Report Internet Security Threat Report
Internet Security Threat Report Internet Security Threat Report
Ransomware Response Guide Ransomware Response Guide
The State of Endpoint Protection & Management: Why Self-Healing is the New Mandate The State of Endpoint Protection & Management: Why Self-Healing is the New Mandate

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